Vinyl Decal Application Instructions

Apply Your New Vinyl Decal

Thank you for choosing!!  All decals include:

  1. Premium Vinyl Decal
  2. and a FREE Rubbing Alcohol ‘Swab’ 

First wash the intended surface.  Do NOT use Windex or glass cleaner as it contains chemicals that will mess with the vinyl adhesive.  Although perfectly safe for most finishes, do not use the alcohol swab if you think it may harm your paint finish.  Do NOT install decal in cold temperatures less than approx. 500F or 100C - wait for warmer weather or install in a warm garage once your vehicle surface has warmed up sufficiently.

Step 1– Clean the surface using soap and water (warning: Rain-X, Windex or any type of car waxes will prevent your decal from adhering properly)

Step 2 (Optional) –Wipe surface with the alcohol swab to remove any grease or wax residue

Step 3– Dry the surface with a paper towel

Step 4– Slowly peel the backing paper away, ensuring all of your decal comes off with the transfer paper

Step 5– Hold the decal above the surface where you would like to place it (ensure it does not touch the surface until you have it where you like it - as soon as it touches the surface it will stick!)

Step 6– Slowly smooth the decal onto the surface        

Step 7– Smooth out any bubbles     

Step 8– Slowly remove the transfer tape (ensure all of your decal separates from your transfer tape and sticks to your intended surface.  For any parts of your decal which do not separate from your transfer tape, press them back down onto your intended surface, rub them on some more and then slowly remove the transfer tape again until the decal successfully remains on your intended surface)

Step 9- If you have any trapped air bubbles under your decal, simply pop them with a pin and smooth the bubble down

Step 10– Smooth over the decal to ensure adhesion and enjoy!